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At Stratton Equities we provide real estate investors with a library of proprietary Loan Programs for their unique real estate investment goals. If you have a Loan Scenario and would like to speak to one of our Loan Officers, please Contact Us directly or submit a loan application below!


After you submit your loan application, a member of our Loan Officer team will get back to you shortly to discuss your loan scenario and loan program options.

Stratton Equities funds the following loan programs; Hard Money, NO-DOC, Fix and Flip Loans, Bridge Loans, Commercial, Soft Money, Stated Income, Commercial Bridge Loans, Foreclosure Bailouts, and Cash-Out Refinance and Purchases for non-owner occupied properties. Check out our catalog of Direct Private Money Loan Programs!

We look forward to working with you as your lending partner on your next Real Estate investment! Please fill out the below form with your contact information and loan scenario breakdown.

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Are you looking for a Hard Money Loan in New Jersey or California? or a Direct Hard Money Lender in TexasFlorida, or New York? or a Fix and Flip Loan in Georgia?


No matter where you live or where you wish to focus your real estate investment opportunities, Stratton Equities can help you obtain the right Loan Program for your upcoming Real Estate endeavor.

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